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I’d like to think of myself (and all Making the Moment photographer) as a careful blend of the two extremes. Like the photographer, we find ourselves thriving in the unplanned, creative territories that you can’t map out. I love candidly capturing the laughter and fun of getting ready, and I love snapping away at all the little details a couple would ordinarily miss out on during the course of a day. Where I differ from the pure photographer, is that I do like to set-up some shots and I do believe in family and couple portraitures.

Like the portraiture photographer – I gravitate towards fun posing and playing pretend in front of the camera. My big difference here is that I throw away the shot-sheet, and embrace creativity. I try often to approach every day as a blank canvas, hoping to not repeat previous work. Whether it’s bringing along my Polaroid camera, or taking advantage of random elements around us, this is where I live.

So what is my style? I’d like to think of it a genre-breaking expression of free-flow photographic art. Sound to contrived? It might be – but it’s the best way I can describe my approach.

I like to have fun, come up with ideas with couples, to try new things – and to laugh a lot. I think I’ve been heavily privileged to photograph some great couples – and 90% of my photographic skill isn’t my ability to work a camera, it’s in getting people to be themselves. If it helps – peg me somewhere closer to the left of photography.

To sum up this ultra-long entry (kudos to you if you’ve read the whole thing!), choosing your photographer should be more about finding a photographer who fits your personal style. Budget is important, and their experience is a must, but you always need to find someone who can be depended upon to craft the sort of images that you most desire.


 For more information on me you can visit my various websites as follows:

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